1. Life is scary and exciting


  3. yo Iggy Azalea is actually kinda throwing it down on Good Morning America right now

    actually idk if its even GMA…? NBC? i dun watch TV much

  4. Late nights on the water better than other similarly late nights


  5. Listening to the radio this morning, gay marriage ban appeals; gay marriage advocates rallying, etc. opponents holding prayer vigils.


    Prayer vigils, really? You are going to send all of that cosmic energy out into the universe in order to disrupt the happiness of millions because you’re not comfortable with their practices? Why not hold a prayer vigil for Major General Harold Greene, or the countless innocent victims of Hiroshima or the fucking drought in California?

    Sometimes you gotta live and let live. And get a fucking life.

  6. this

    if you let me hit it then i swear i’ll sammy sosa-it


  7. Second day in a ow I woke up before my alarm, at least today it was at 10 to 6 not 430am


  8. THIS IS COOL AND IMPORTANT. It’s a form of environmental/ecological engineering that veers away from the traditional hardscape/gray infrastructure used for most treatment and storm/wastewater management. 

    Land intensive, but both cheaper up-front and in terms of maintenance, engineered wetlands use natural processes to turn our wastewater into reusable water. Proven by nature.

    Addressing nitrogen pollution from agricultural runoff, apparently less than 5% of ag. land needs to be dedicated to wetland treatment areas in order to effectively remove most nitrogen loading from farmland.

    Boom. Hash-tag cool.

  9. Sunday


  10. climateadaptation:

    DeSmogBlog is quite biased, but the article is worth checking out. Obama is typically portrayed by lefty and enviro-media as an effective leader with respect to climate change actions. I have on a number of occasions posted on the administrations adaptation and resilience plans and actions.

    But, what’s under the radar - what media is ignoring - is that Obama directed his administration to implement very aggressive oil and gas drilling plans formulated under Bush and the oil industry. For example, just last week, Obama opened up the Atlantic coast for offshore drilling.

    The Obama administration is reopening the Eastern Seaboard to offshore oil and gas exploration, approving seismic surveys using sonic cannons that can pinpoint energy deposits deep beneath the ocean floor. Via AP

    Thus, environmental blogs are missing one half of the story. Check it out…