1. Got a kid so quiet


  2. How many instagram followers do you need to justify having your own Wikipedia page?


  3. I just read Pride and Prejudice and I’m a little confused because I fucking loved it

  4. landscapelifescape:

    It’s time to change the trajectory of this planet. Join me in NYC on 9/21. #PeoplesClimate March. http://thndr.it/1rnlUvp

  5. Tbt best look

  6. impromptu swim pre thunder storm

    also had to poo


  7. I believe in judging. If we don’t enact judgement, our relationships become less dynamic; we lose the points of divergence which sharpen our individualities. Judging an outsider can be too easy though. Don’t stop. The danger is when judgement is reached without understanding, you become ignorant. Learn and understand first, like Ender, then judge. And when you finally understand and make your own ruling, perhaps, you will accept rather than incriminate. I judge everyone. I just hold it against few.

  8. this is my favorite lonely song

  9. Run through the fields and swim in the river


  10. Life is scary and exciting